No more meetings this semester

We will meet again in the coming fall semseter.

Interested in Learning More About Linux?

MasonLUG is a vehicle to learn about Linux and free software in a social setting, create and contribute to free software, and advocate for the use of Linux and free software on campus.

If you're a Linux newbie, an open-source geek, a student looking for projects to hack on, a free software philosopher, or someone who's just plain interested in learning what the hubub around Linux and free software is about, we need you!

We have a Github account that you can access here.

Sponsored by Sourcegraph!

You can use Sourcegraph to find code you need quickly, see anywhere in the open-source world that a function or library is used, and discover other like-minded programmers. Souregraph's semantic search for code, docs, and examples is powered by srclib, a polyglot code analysis library, built with hackability in mind. srclib is Free/Open-Source, and Sourcegraph writes a ton of Free/Open-Source software. Let us know if you're interested in contributing to any of their projects!

MasonLUG members learning how to submit bug reports and patches for free and open source projects

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